Have you every eyed someone in envy when they gush about how special they were made to feel at the nightclubs after booking a VIP table. Yes, we all wish to be in their shoes, but this dream is not that farfetched that it cannot become a reality. If you have the budget, you too can experience the same feeling.

No More Standing in Long Queues

You might be aware of the feeling of waiting to enter into nightclubs to get a table especially during weekends. If you book a VIP table, you have a direct pass. You need not even have to pay for the cover charges.

If you plan to make VIP reservations, you need to plan well in advance. There are many people out there who are willing to grab the best seats in nightclubs without thinking about their budgets. If you plan to vacation is Miami, Florida, you might want to visit E11even and experience their VIP treatments. They even help you to celebrate special events such as bachelorette, graduation, weddings or even birthdays.

When you opt for a VIP table, you get a dedicated server who will keep service foods and drinks at your table. You even get a bottle service wherein you will be served bottle mixers all night long without paying an extra cent.

In normal circumstances, after getting entry at the nightclub, you might need to squeeze yourself amongst people to reach the bar counter to order your drinks. The bartender might not attend to your immediately. You need to patiently wait your turn and make yourself heard amongst the loud music.

Perks of Reserving a VIP Table

If you want to impress someone, then booking a VIP table is a great way to get their attention. It will make them feel special and loved. In addition to this, some of the other perks of booking a VIP table include:

  • You have your own private view of the dance floor and stage
  • You need not have to squeeze yourself onto the dance floor as you have you very own space
  • You get the best seats or couches in the house
  • You need not have to worry about your valuables, as they are safely stored away


Reserving a VIP table is also a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends. In the end, these are the memories that you will think back on and cherish for a long time to come.

Liana Scott