With synchronized moves, flashing lights, dazzzling smiles, and matching outfits, the South Korean music industry, also referred to as K-pop, has become a world phenomenon. Ranging from the idol groups with their smouldering gazes and alluring smiles to the female units which are filled with cutesy dances and flirtatious wings, K-pop has become a massive business that has fueled inspiration nto many potential entertainment artists all around the world. K-pop has specifically influenced the music culture in America by turning out to be one of the first foreign genres in the United States. With the introduction of new K-pop groups like BTS gaining new fans every day, K-pop is here to stay. With the presence of Korean pop, there has been an emphasis on the performance, and a massive appeal to different demographics has been introduced into the picture. There is an enormous increase in K-pop store USA which sells fan merchandise.

K-pop’s western dance style and music also has played a contributing role towards the growth of K-pop in western culture. K-pop junior incorporates elements of hip hop, American pop, and R&B, along with a picture-perfect synchronization in the dance. The growth of K-pop in the United States is most commonly referred to as the Korean wave, which refers to the increasing spread and popularity of the South Korean culture in the US since the 1990s. The South Korean culture does not restrict itself to music, dance, and Korean dramas. The influence spread over to the Korean language, food as well as entertainment. Furthermore, K-pop’s synchronized dancers, matching outfits, and single-gender groups are elements that match with boy bands of America like Backstreet Boys.

K-pop cemented its place in America in the year 2017 when it won the top social artist in American Music Awards. This was the first time when a South Korean group won as well as performed in a major award show. BTS is also the only Korean group that has landed in the top ten of Billboard 200. They are also known to be the only Korean group that has visited and performed in major American shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

K-pop has also made dance performances critical. Their western choreography styles have made a huge and lasting impact on the Western front and helped them top music charts. In the US, such emphasis on dance has not been observed. It is this complexity of the K-pop music videos which has made it even more alluring to the American population. Not only this, the industry and K-pop website is also influencing the fashion and beauty standards in the United States.

To sum it all, the K-pop industry has had a significant influence on American culture, affecting the music, language, lifestyle as well as beauty standards. Asian fashion is having a significant impact on western style as well as music. K-pop can look forward two being further integrated and appreciated in the future in America.

Liana Scott