London has a lot of venues where one can watch magic shows and find out amazing magicians from around the globe.

Certainly one of the best magic shows is Magic Night – a two times-monthly show held at Madame JoJo’s cabaret club in Soho. There’s always a high-class line-from magicians and variety functions.

Volupte, is yet another great spot to determine London magicians. The special moment shows offer a mixture of burlesque, magic and comedy. You will find great shows happening through the week, however i particularly recommend the Sunday mid-day tea sessions, that are aptly known as, Voluptea.

A trip to Davenports, the earth’s earliest family-run magic shop, is essential. It’s location of Magic Symphony, a very unusual show in which the theatre’s orchestra is composed of handmade cards and also the conductor includes a couple of methods up his sleeve.

Covent Garden is known for its street performers, but for the modest cost of the couple of pounds within the hat, you can observe the best magicians working in london. A place of Covent Garden known as Magic Corner is devoted to street magicians. During the day you can observe some amazing magicians on London’s roads.

It certainly is worth searching for magic shows within the newspapers as well as on websites for example Last Second, View London and Break. There’s more often than not something happening. I’ve come across shows working in london by top magicians for example Penn & Teller, Derren Brown and Hendes Klok.

It might be that you are interesting in mastering some magic methods yourself, by which situation, London has some good magic shops. I already pointed out Davenports Magic, that is a wonderful place – as dark and mysterious as you’d make a magic shop to become. Buy some methods there and you will be moving toward just as one amazing magician.

There’s also Worldwide Magic and Magic Cave, with a magic stall you can go to in Covent Garden. Tell the folks behind the counter that you are looking at learning magic and they’re going to have the ability to recommend good quality methods to help you get began.

Browse check your local library or bookshops, and there is also a good choice of magic books for novices. People sometimes get delay by magic books, as they possibly can appear just a little dry and technical. However, those are the best learning tools if you’re seriously interested in being a top magician working in london.

You might be a close-up magician, an illusionist, a mind readers, a comedy magician or perhaps a stage magician, to mention a couple of options. You have to pick the style you want best, and the one which most suits your personality.

Watching videos of magicians could be a valuable learning tool. You need to be careful, because it may be simple to mimic magicians you admire, sometimes without realising it, when you be developing our very own style like a magician.

However, watching other magicians perform is definitely an efficient way of understanding the different factors which go right into a good magician’s performance. Before specialising, it’s wise to obtain a taste of all the variations of magic, to be able to then choose which one you want. You’ll find lots of magic videos on sites for example YouTube and Vimeo.

Liana Scott