If you have not attended an anime convention, now is the time to decide. Anime conventions are enjoyable, interesting, and inspiring activities in which you can engage. Although you should become more serious and mature as you get older, you should not stop being children at heart. And the best place to do this is at an anime convention.

Below are the best reasons to go to a convention despite no matter your age:

There is something for you There

After stepping foot inside an anime convention, you can expect to find something for you. You can attend workshops where you can learn different things, go to screenings to watch major anime television shows and movies, as well as go to artists and dealers rooms to find beautiful artwork and great merchandise. Also, you can walk around and take pictures of the cosplays you will see.

You can be Whatever you Want

When you go to an anime convention, you will be able to see the best of both worlds. Aside from seeing iconic anime characters, you will also see many famous western characters like Disney Princess, Call of Duty soldiers, Ghost Busters, and more. In this type of events, you can dress up as whatever you want and you won’t feel awkward. Cosplay is a way to express yourself. You can choose your favorite characters and spend hours working on your cosplay to feel what it is like to walk in their shoes.

Moreover, if you do not have the time, materials, and resources to make a very amazing cosplay, it is okay. Low-budget cosplays are an option. Also, you can choose minimalist cosplay which means wearing a single or a few pieces of costumes such as a mask, prop weapon, and a cape. For those running anime events, the more people will attend the merrier. Thus, you can wear your Lord of the Ring shirt and nobody will judge you or make you feel exposed. However, if you feel embarrassed, just put on whatever you want as long as it is not offensive.

You Will Appreciate the Creativity you See

You cannot stop saying “Wow” when you attend an anime convention. You can see people cosplaying as superheroes who looked like they came right out of the show. In some instances, these costumes are store-bought or made from scratch. However, the convention will always have cosplays that will impress.

Liana Scott