Sushi has become a very popular delicacy around the world. It is usually sold in Japanese restaurants or any local grocery store.

One of the best things about sushi is that it has different toppings and fillings that can satisfy your cravings. There is no reason not to like sushi because you can choose the toppings or fillings.

However, finding what tastes good on sushi is very important. This will enable you to make the right choice for your taste bud. Read on to find what tastes good on sushi!

Here are some delicious toppings and fillings that taste good on sushi:

Beef and red onion

This sushi appears very brown and crispy and has a rare, medium center. The red onion and the beef and teriyaki sauce add a sweet flavor. You would love this delicious beef and red onion on your sushi.

Pulled pork with coleslaw

Americans love this combination of pulled pork and coleslaw in their sushi rolls. This combination can also be described as east meets west.

This sushi tastes sweet and delicious, especially when the pork is seasoned with herbs and mixed with creamy coleslaw.

Salmon and avocado

This filling is classic and one of the world’s most popular sushi fillings. Salmon and avocado fillings are very delicious and contain omega-3 fatty acids that are good for light meals.

Salmon and avocado fillings in sushi are something you must try. The creamy flavor from the avocado and salmon makes it yummy to eat.

Fried Egg

You must be surprised about the fried egg. It is very simple, and it is commonly eaten by children and people that don’t eat raw fish. Egg sushi is usually topped with an egg omelet. The taste is nice, and everyone would love it too.


There are so many toppings and fillings that taste good on sushi. Whatever way you want it, you can enjoy it. It doesn’t only taste good, but the fillings and topping are good sources of nutrients. Finally, have you tasted sushi on body before? Maybe you should trying eating sushi of a models body because it taste differently.

Liana Scott