There are lots of guidelines on how guys need to adhere to strip club etiquettes but there is not much written about ladies. You may be curious to know what it is like inside or what is the norm for receiving a girl-on-female lap dance. There are many such questions a female needs to know before they hit the strip club.

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Do strippers get annoyed when they see girls?

Of course not, but there are some rules like –

  • You are not screaming
  • You are not stopping anyone from giving tips
  • You are not stealing audience attention

For the performers dancing before the female group is like enjoying a whiff of fresh air. It’s an opposite experience than the regular guys trying to grab or touch.

How can a girl get a stripper dance for her?

A pile of money is appealing to make the hottest stripper dance for you, but asking politely will also do the trick.

What to do if the stripper starts touching?

Enjoy and embrace it! Unfortunately, if you are not feeling comfortable reveal it with your body language like pull away gently. You can even use polite words like ‘I am not comfortable’. If you don’t she will keep touching, she is a stripper and not a mind reader, so respond gently.

What if I wish the performer to leave without hurting her feelings?

Just say, ‘Thank you, I think I’ll just watch for now’. Actually, nothing is personal here. The motivation is to get good money-tips. Even after your boyfriend has paid and she still stays tell her to get cooled with the tip.

Can I take photos with the dancers?

A simple rule is to request before taking a selfie. In several states, it is an offense to take photos with a stripper. Besides, even in some clubs, it is against their rules. It is wise to avoid flashing neon lights in the front.

How many drinks are allowed?

You can drink as much as you can tolerate but not beyond control. Some get sloppy after they over a drink. It is cool to gulf a few martinis but overdoing it can get male or female kicked out.

If I can chat with a stripper, what do I talk about?

You can tête-à-tête with the strippers. They are humans after all! She will enjoy a light-hearted girl gossip. Avoid dumb topics related to their family but you can discuss celebrities, cosmetics, and fashion.

Liana Scott