While visiting a strip club every guy must be aware of some unspoken etiquettes that every girl will expect from them. 

If you are planning to visit Bucks Cabaret in Philadelphia for the first time get familiar with the behavior etiquettes. It helps to avoid unpleasant situation during your visit.

Following are a few things that you should know before entering a strip club:

  • Strippers are also human beings like you

Don’t consider the stripper who is dancing on the stage as a sex object, but they are human and have feelings. So, treat them as human beings!

  • Strippers are here to do their job

Quite often due to excitement many men tend to forget that these strippers are here to earn their living and may expect a tip from you.

  • You have to pay little more for drinks for a good reason

The drinks are costly because the club earns its money from the bar. They need the funds to pay the dancers wages.

  • Nobody will be amused with your drunken stupidity

No one finds it amusing if you behave foolishly after a few drinks. You will invite the attention of the bouncer and get kicked out.

  • Remember all strippers are not pros

Often people think that strippers are prostitutes. Quite a few of them are students who want to earn money to support their education. Some have children and families to support.

  • Better stay at home if your pocket is empty

If you do not have sufficient money in your pocket then better avoid a visit to the club.

  • The stripper may tell you lots of things but you need not believe all

If you sit with a stripper and ask about her life then she will say things to entertain you. Don’t believe them!

  • Strip clubs are meant for fantasy 

These strip clubs are just for having adult entertainment like watching porn. You cannot expect anything more than satisfying your fantasy.

  • Don’t get offended if strippers walk away from you

If you do not pay a tip, then it is quite likely that she will walk away from you. Don’t feel offended!

  • Don’t talk in foul language with the stripper

Often people engage in talking to a stripper in foul language. She may not react but she will feel hurt!

  • Strippers too have bad days

The girls do have a life beyond their career as a stripper. Sometimes she may not be attentive. Don’t feel offended!

Liana Scott