Many of you may not have visited a strip club or a gentleman’s club or you may be a first-time visitor. Therefore, it is essential that when visit, you must behave properly with the female strippers, who also have certain expectations from you.

Following are few things that you must keep in mind when you visiting at a full nude strip club in your neighborhood.

  • Strippers are also human beings

Strippers may be dancing on the stage to entertain you, but don’t consider them only as a sex object. They too are humans and have their own emotions.

  • Strippers are here to work

Remember that these strippers are here to work and earn their living. So, behave with them properly and give due respect that any woman deserves.

  • Drinks can be expensive and there is reason for that

While you are drinking along with the stripper girls, remember that you are also enjoying the company of sexy girls and hence the charges for drinks include that too.

  • No one will like your drunken stupidity

Avoid getting drunk and show your stupidity before everyone, as nobody will be amused with your drunken attitude.

  • Strippers are not necessarily a prostitute

Most of the girls working as stripper may not be a prostitute, and many of them may be college students who want some extra money to pay their tuition fees.

  • Better be at home if you have no cash

You may need to pay tips to stripers lavishly if you want to enjoy their company. So, unless you have enough cash, you must not visit a club.

  • Avoid sitting on stage if you are not watching

If you sit on the stage and don’t look at the stripper dancing before you then you are being too rude to them. It is better to avoid sitting on the stage.

  • Need not believe what a stripper may tell you

If any striper tells about his personal life after your enquiring, then what she may tell you may not be the truth, so avoid getting personal with them.

  • Strip clubs are only about fantasy

People don’t come here for relationship with the striper but only to fulfill their fantasy and spend money on the stripper and that is what the club wants.

  • Be calm if a striper walks away from you

If you do not pay tip to stripper then she may walk away from you and so, you need not have any grudge against them.

  • You cannot save any stripper

If you talk to any stripper then she may always tell you some sad story and you need not believe her, as you are not here to save her life.

  • Don’t badmouth with stripper

You must remember that these strippers are also women after all, and you should respect their gender and avoid bad mouthing them.

  • Stripper may also have bad days

Sometimes strippers may not be in a good mood, as she too may have some personal problem and hence don’t get offended if she did not smile at you.

Liana Scott