Acoustic treatments are quite essential to improve the acoustics for a particular space. It is a common term among musicians, recording studio owners, and others in the entertainment industry. However, not only for the entertainment industry, but sound absorption solutions are also crucial in several other sectors like homes, offices, conference rooms, bars, restaurants, educational institutions, gymnasiums, libraries, etc. The main concept of acoustic treatment is based on sound deadening and sound absorption material. There are many professional companies that provide custom art acoustic panels and guarantee longevity. Let’s have a look at the advantages of installing acoustic panels and their types.

Importance of Acoustic Treatment

A particular space can have too many hard surfaces that deflect sound waves which allow them to reverberate throughout the area. A poor acoustic panel can create some serious issues, impacting the inner atmosphere negatively. Here are the three main aspects of sound that can be treated with acoustic treatment.

  1. Reflection: The first issue is the reflection that occurs when the sound waves travel across a room and run into surfaces such as furniture, walls, roofs, and other objects. For example, a school auditorium, a concert venue, or a church will want to direct the sound towards the audience. If the sound waves reflect off, they will not reach the targeted destination. This is why acoustic treatment is needed for those areas.
  2. Reverberation: This is another common problem that occurs when too many sound waves together bounce off surfaces. Reverberation may lead to sound echoey and decay in sound quality. Echoey sounds travel throughout the room creating problems in many sectors. Choosing a custom art acoustic panel is the best way to get rid of such issues.
  3. Resonance: Acoustic treatments also can defuse the resonance that can create acoustic problems for facilities. Resonance causes loud and distorted sounds to vibrate a room powerfully.

Types of Acoustic Treatment

  1. Acoustic Panels: They are designed to perfectly absorb sound waves making significant improvements in spaces where reverberation is an issue. Acoustic panels are thinner than bass straps and can be easily placed anywhere in the room.
  2. Ceiling Clouds: These types of acoustic panels are designed for the ceiling. They are super stylish and attractive that can surely enhance the look of the room. They come in different materials like foam, metals, etc.
  3. Bass Straps: It becomes quite difficult sometimes to regulate low-frequency sound waves but bass straps are there to absorb or trap bass sounds at any corner of a room. Bass straps come in different designs and materials.
  4. Acoustic Foam: It is quite similar to acoustic panels but they are made of foam. Unlike the custom art acoustic panels, they come in more of a raw material form. It is mostly used in recording studios.


Choosing the right acoustic treatment is really important. This is why one should first determine the exact sound issue of a particular area and then determine the correct treatment option. Once done with ideal acoustics for the space, one can surely notice a real difference in the atmosphere. Be it professional or residential, solve all the acoustic issues with the right acoustic treatment.

Liana Scott