We should have realized something was wrong with Amanda Bynes back in the summer of 2010, when she retired from performing, then un-retired from acting, and finally erased her original Twitter account. Since then, the former star of The Amanda Show has become increasingly unstable, getting into many automobile accidents, drastically altering her look, and announcing on her most recent Twitter account. You can view more photos of her life incidents on the internet.

Then, on May 23, Amanda was detained for possessing marijuana, misappropriating evidence, and rash driving. (In her New York City apartment, she was reported to throw a bong out of her apartment window.) The event has sparked an even stranger string of behavior from the former Nickelodeon actress, including her wearing a ragged wig of platinum to court and claiming to sue the NYPD for false arrest and sexual harassment.

What brought her here?

Despite the true story begins in 1994, when Bynes was 7 years old and featured in her foremost commercial. However, a year ago Bynes had her experience with the law.

Amanda Bynes was arrested in West Hollywood, California for driving under the influence on April 6 2012. The actress was reportedly arrested after hitting a stopped police cruiser. After being arrested, the actress declined to take a test to see if she was inebriated or on drugs.

Bynes is suspected of colliding with another automobile on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley and fled the scene on April 10 2012.

After being charged with driving under influence on June 5 2021, Amanda takes to Twitter to plead her cause to President Barack Obama. She has entered a not guilty plea to the accusation. Bynes was accused of another hit-and-run case on Ventura Boulevard, on August 5 2012.

The teen star was pulled over on September 16 2012, for having a suspended license. Following the hit-and-run accusations, her driving privileges were removed.

The healthy and thriving Amanda Bynes

In her, interview with People Bynes states that despite her outward appearances, she has been doing wonderfully well. She had initiated a fashion line and moved to New York without having to drive presumably. She states she does not drink once more. According to the post, an “observer” in a spin class witnessed Bynes stripping down her strapless push-up bra, bringing out her beauty bag, and quitting the spin class after wasting ten minutes of her time touching up her eyeliner and lipstick.

Liana Scott