Websites are increasingly becoming popular among movie enthusiasts wanting to watch movies online (ดูหนังออนไลน์). With the increase of viewer’s online movie watching, more and more websites are coming into the business, giving more advantages and more options for the players to choose from. The same can be said for Movie Theater as well; with Movie Theater present in every corner of all the countries, the price of movie tickets has decreased ever since the competition raised.


People can now watch a movie from wherever they want with the help of online movie websites. However, it is only possible with a good internet connection and a smart device. At the same time, one can only take full experience watching on the big screen in theaters until and unless they have a giant TV at their home. People nowadays want comfort more than anything, that`s why they prefer to watch from home rather than going to a cinema.

People with a good internet connection can easily access new movies whenever they want without spending much money on movie tickets. People can also watch while traveling with their friends or family while traveling to a destination. This makes the experience even more fun and enjoyable.

Cost per person

People visiting a cinema or a theater have to spend a lot of money on tickets and buy expensive snacks at the theater snack store. However, if people watch them online on their TV, they can have home-baked food that costs much less than visiting a cinema. As a result, people can enjoy themselves even more with their family by spending far less. This not only saves time along with money but also creates time for family to be together.

The cost increases furthermore when we add the cost of traveling and additional parking expenses in the area if any. Thus, giving online websites a big advantage in the pocket-friendly department.

Range and availability of movies

The most important factor for a movie enthusiast alongside watching a high-quality movie is the number of movies available. A theater or cinema would only have several movies at a time, which can be anywhere from 2 to 6, which is very few. However, people who watch movies online (ดูหนังออนไลน์) have plenty of options to choose from which can be in hundreds.

This gives the viewer a variety of options to choose from as they can watch whichever movie they want to watch, unlike theaters. This makes the excitement of watching movies more fun. People also have to wait for each movie to watch them; on websites, one can watch whichever movie they want to watch. Thus giving the viewers the experience to stream old blockbuster movies and that too for free.

Websites also give viewers another advantage over people watching movies in the theater, which is they can stream any movie from any period. For example, if one wants to watch a movie made in 1999, he can watch it, whereas a theater only gives a person modern movies to choose from

Liana Scott