If you’ve ever seen a stripper, you know that the goal is to strip half of the shirt off, or at least make it semi-nude, and tie it to the man’s testicles (that’s where the strippers get their start, anyway). It’s pretty much an unwritten rule in the UK that all male strippers at a club or bar will utilize penis pumps (usually in the privacy of their own home).

It’s always been an unwritten rule to wear the penis pump before getting a stage show or a strip-a Gram. Usually a stripper will use the device first to increase his penis length, and then start to tie off his penis with elastic rubber bands to basically lock in the extra. The banded-off penis can usually be seen on television during X-rated shows.

But what other uses does a male stripper have? Well, for starters, he can’t just wear whatever he wants, because male strippers are strippers, period. They use their clothing to enhance what they’re already good at. Here are a few male strippers’ other uses:

– Stage Makeup. Male strippers wear make-up that enhances and shows off their assets. Usually they use fake blood, or fake skin. Some male strippers go as far as covering their face in rhinestones. These days, rhinestones are only meant to be found on Broadway stages. The good news is that rhinestones are now available in a variety of colors and designs, so you can really ramp up the glamour!

– Clothes. A Men in action can also dress in clothes that compliment his personality. If he’s got a cute boyish figure, then he should probably choose a shirt and jeans that show off his curves. If he has a fit body, then a fitted T-shirt will show that off too. Make sure the clothes are loose enough to allow him to perform all of his moves in, but tight enough to hold his body in place and accentuate his manliness.

– Male Strippers’ Dresses. Male strippers get to perform in all sorts of outrageous outfits, including some that are way out of the box. A male stripper might go as far as wearing a dress made of steel, or a suit covered in jewels. However, the most common attire for male strippers is a white t-shirt with ripped pockets, open to reveal lots of tattoos, and a matching skirt. Most male strippers wear makeup to enhance the effects of their stage makeup, but some don’t; it’s really up to you and your preferences.

– Male Stripper Tools. There are lots of different things that make up a male stripper’s outfit, but the most important are the shoes, jewelry, mask, and t-shirt. The strippers themselves are not required to buy or wear these items; however, you’ll find them being worn by more than one male stripper at a time. Many times, male strippers only need to purchase the clothes and accessories for themselves, but they may also need to rent or borrow props, masks, etc from the club or bar where they perform. If you’re planning on hiring a male stripper, ask if they plan on borrowing any of the above items.

– Clubs and Bars. Male strippers can usually work in any type of club, though smaller clubs tend to be more popular. Male strippers at larger clubs can make anywhere between $ 200 and thousands for an hour of adult entertainment. You should be prepared to pay for this service. Sometimes clubs and bars will charge an additional fee if you book a male stripper well in advance of their visit, as clubs and bars do not usually let last minute guests into the club or bar.

Liana Scott