Darth Vader is a fascinating character in the Star Wars universe. The stories of his adventures, exploits and misdeeds are widely known.

But where would Darth Vader be without his trusted weapon by his side?  Darth Vader lightsaber plays a vital role in his character. And yes, there’s no shortage of interesting background and trivia to pick up when it comes to this iconic Sith weapon.

Well, continue reading for more fascinating facts about Darth Vader’s lightsaber.

  1. Created in 19 BBY

The year 19 BBY is a busy year for the Star Wars galaxy. And yes, the creation of this lightsaber is among the many notable events. The reason, it took some time to create it after Vader lost his first lightsaber.

Further, 19 BBY is also the year when the Clone Wars ended ushering the Order 66 that purged all Jedis. The Chancellor Palpatine become Emperor Palpatine. It is also this year that Obi-Wan and Yoda went into hiding. With all this downtime, Vader got the space to build a new lightsaber.

  1. Made from Two Crystals

Vader’s lightsaber utilizes two types of power crystals. The synth-crystal, an artificial and not so common material in lightsabers due to its unpredictability. Luckily, Sith engineers found a way to develop it to effectively channel Vader’s use of the force.

The second crystal comes from Adega crystals – a natural mineral that’s force reactive.

  1. The Hiit Design

The story of Vader’s lightsaber begins with an assassination assignment. The emperor Palpatine sends Vader to kill Jedi who survived order 66. Jedi puts up a valiant fight against Vader but loses and eventually dies from his wounds. He also leaves his weapon for Vader to take.

Vader takes the weapon but after an assassination attempt on Vader’s life, the weapon was destroyed. But Vader retained the knowledge of the design and was able to build a modified version of the same in his starship home.

  1. Mustafar, the Hub of Dark Force Energy

Mustafar is an evil planet and a hub of dark force energy. It is this place where Anakin lost his fight to Obi-Wan and become Vader.

It’s also the place where Vader set a galactic villainy shop after the rise of the Empire. Well, this is because Mustafar is a place ripe with dark force energy. Beneath its lava lies tons of evil energy, complete with everything that makes a Sith a Sith.

  1. Vader Could Alter the Length of His Blade

Darth Vader’s blade is so dangerous well, because of the veritable angel of death that carries it. But that’s not all, the weapon is also impressive.

For instance, Vader could alter the length of this lightsaber for maximum efficiency. Well, we don’t see this happen in the original trilogy, but again, we hardly see Darth Vader at his deadliest form in those episodes.


Darth Vader’s lightsaber is a weapon to contend with. Not only was it one of the most powerful weapons, but the owner knew how to wield it.

Liana Scott